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vILT Facilitator Certification

Facilitating a virtual instructor led training session is not the same as facilitating a live, face-to-face session. Keeping participants engaged, structuring the content flow, and making the process interactive requires different skills and techniques. Starfish vILT's Facilitator Certification provides knowledge and hand-on advice on how to run engaging, interactive, and practical vILT sessions that deliver value to every participant and client organization.

The certification process includes the following modules:

  1. What are the key difference between vILT and ILT facilitation?

  2. What engagement tools are available and how to use them?

  3. Time management: how to draw participants into discussions while managing large participant groups

  4. Facilitation considerations using different platforms (Adobe Connect, WebEx and Zoom)

  5. Facilitating in-the-moment: using tools to dig deeper while recalculating how to move through other content effectively

  6. Getting over the lack of non-verbal feedback

  7. Working with a producer or co-facilitator in the virtual classroom

  8. Getting prepared to facilitate virtually: understanding how to annotate a facilitator guide

Each of these modules include a suite of self-study materials with guided self-reflection questions that need to be completed (as an individual exercise) and shared with the Starfish vILT certification instructor.


The self-study is followed by one, 2-hour vILT sessions where participants explore these topics in more detail with the Starfish vILT certification instructor.


The program culminates in a practical teach-back exercise, where each participant will be responsible for preparing, learning, annotating their facilitator guide, and facilitating (live) a portion of a vILT program (supplied by the certification instructor).

Program Cost: $395 per participant - includes all materials and access to the Starfish vILT Digital Commons - a curated repository of continuing education materials.

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