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Webinars vs vILT

Webinars vs vILT

Confusing webinars with virtual training is common. However, they are two completely different platforms with different uses. The term, webinar, comes from a combination of web (online via the computer) and seminar (a lecture/training format). A webinar is a type of web conference that is typically one-way communication. *

While polling participation can be integrated into webinars to allow for remote audience participation, the interaction is usually one-way with presenters typically talking to an audience with limited audience interaction.


The main difference between webinars and virtual instructor led training (vILT) is that webinars typically share ideas and experiences or promote a speaker, while a vILT session facilitates learning and has the option for real-time discussion and application of learning.

During vILT sessions, participants interact with each other (and the facilitator) in a real-life environment, which drastically improves the learning results. vILT training tools including polls, chat pods, breakout rooms, participant presentations, large and small group discussion, and other elements that allow facilitators to encourage participation and learning.

* Readtech Virtual Class Readiness Report

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