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At Starfish vILT we design engaging and interactive ILT (face-to-face) and vILT (virtual instructor led training) programs that meet the needs of your organizational learning objectives. As a boutique learning & development consultancy that has the ability to scale, we are agile and flexible, able to understand your learning goals quickly, and translate those into practical training programs that provide immediately applicable tools and techniques.

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Starfish vILT has a suite of off-the-shelf ILT and vILT programs to meet the learning needs of team leaders, team members, managers, individual contributors, sales professionals, and strategic thinkers. These programs range from half-day workshops to two-day ILT courses. In addition, our vILT modules range from one 2-hour module to three 2-hour modules per topic. Each program includes pre/post work assignments, workbooks, and access to Starfish vILT's Digital Commons - a curated website of relevant and supplemental topic information.



Transforming an ILT program into a vILT course is not just a matter of running the training online. Considerations include timing, technology, engagement tools, activity choice, interactivity exercises, synchronous and asynchronous content delivery, and facilitator preparation. At Starfish vILT we have the practical hands-on experience of how to transform ILT content to work effectively in the vILT realm including the redesign of activities, pre/post work, and the learning environment. 

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Facilitating a virtual instructor led training  program requires different skills from facilitating a live, face-to-face session. In addition, vILT facilitation is not the same as running a webinar. With the increasing need to run workshops and training events online, Starfish vILT has a cost-effective vILT Facilitation Certification process to get your team of trainers up-and-running in as little as two weeks.

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